Declaration of InDependence

Declaration of

We always provided out of the box services and stood out of the crowd. As conventional, typical or standard
was never a feature of us, we, Lugera - The People Republic, decided to let you all know that there is a place
now for us, all who always stand out, aim for tailor made solutions, innovative approaches, premium
services and long term partnerships.

It is not only is also you, top candidate looking for the perfect job, HR professional interested in outsorucing
      any function in your department, Event Managers planning a business trip or General Managers looking for a
              trustworthy     partner in financial services. It is also about you, needing an advice or a second opinion.

                                  It is about fast reactions to any requests, enthusiasm in all projects being part of as well as
                                              creativity and sense of humour, british or any other nationalities or colours.

                                                            Numerous enough? I believe we could easily fit in a Republic,
                                                                      rather than a date base. Do you want join?