Lugera Institutions

The Fuchsia House

Some have the White House, some have the Buckingham or the Grassalkovich Palace… The Prague Castle, The Cotroceni Palace… no matter which you choose, there is none as the Fuchsia House! You’ll find here loads of inspiration, sparkles of fun, tones of enthusiasm and all the mixtures and potions needed for you to succeed.


House of Representatives

Suppliers, managers, subordinates, temps, CEOs, employers, employees, you will all be well represented by our Councillors!
We represent the candidates in their quest for the perfect job and the employers in their search for the perfect employee.
We also stand up for you in finding your perfect vacation and the perfect financial resolution.


Treasury Department:

No business without figures! And you’ll find them all here, stored and bred for consistent growth! Check out our group financial figures at Treasury Department.

House of Common-Sense

We vote for creativity, fun and out-of the-box approaches, as well as for outstanding performance and top–class services delivery.
We vote against rigidness, dullness and superficiality.
..and, of course, we encourage highly constructive debates and creative brainstorming!

National Archives and Records Administration

The place where the applications and records are well preserved, to be consulted whenever great jobs and other extraordinary offers pop up for our valuable citizens. Send us your application!

The People Republic Library

This is the place where we share with you our news and important data. Stay informed about HR & outsourcing trends and events! Make sure you don’t miss the extraordinary opportunities in travelling and financial services, tailor made for you!

Global Affairs

We have rainbows connecting us with our partners in Central and Eastern Europe, but not only! We build high bridges from our republic to the Middle East Countries and the USA through amazing projects; we plan to make our republic known worldwide in the HR and outsourcing business.

Council of Economic Advisers

A team of economic councillors with an eye for business and an ear for languages, guiding us through the stormy and the sunny days of economy. They are known also for tempering our creative brainstorming...

Department of Energy

Positive energy and creative fuel are smartly mingled here into a winning formula used for achieving success in a friendly environment.

Endangered Species Committee

We protect and plead for common sense, team spirit, hard work, professionalism; we preserve positivity, wits, high creativity, fun and talent. These are all valued and protected qualities you will find in our citizens throughout Lugera.

Patent and Trade Mark Office

Your special talent becomes a trade mark here, where innovation and great ideas are registered.
We hold the patent of the best and we’re still improving it!

National Weather Service

Actually we are still wondering why we have this institution in place, as here in Lugera it is warm all year round! Ideal for Business with a smile! Oh, it’s true - we sometimes have heat wave warnings! And also intense brainstorming..


Federal Highway Administration:

Lugera – The People Republic‘s infrastructure is suitable for various types of services and for all career purposes.  Our highways lead you to top jobs and top employees; we drive you at high-speed towards amazing vacation offers and protect you from receiving traffic fines, by taking over from you the boring and the tough part of your work. In addition, we make sure you drive safely among financial services and, eventually, arrive happy to the destination you intended for yourself.

Threat Reduction Center:

You will find no threats in our republic, because we always make sure you get 100% excellent service delivery. This is one of our strongest beliefs!
In terms of weapons, the only ones we allow and use are wits, fun, charm and professionalism. So come out and play!

Commission of Fine Arts:

We value and treasure Talent and Art in any form of expression.
This is where the credits go for best design, architecture and good looks for Lugera – The People Republic. The coolest events and parties are organized and hosted here. We bet you’ll never want to miss one!  

Corporate Social Responsibility

Lugera – The People Republic supports all its citizens by taking full responsibility in every mission assumed.  We are happy to help and we do it with pleasure.

Peace Corps:

Did you notice that Business in the current Economy is a civilized version of war? So did our volunteers and they embraced the motto:  Put joy in business, not war!

Peace, friendship, cultural ties between countries, gender equality and fair competition – these are the values and actions they stand for and promote.


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

The Commission is watching for respect for all citizens, total equality in terms of appreciation and importance are always key points in Lugera – The People Republic. Clients, colleagues, peers, suppliers, managers, subordinates, temps, CEO’s, all are equally important and all deserve our full respect, dedication, love and support.

Committee on Community Planning & Development:

We make sure that our citizens receive the best opportunities and most useful news, so they can be prepared to perform at their best capacity and excel every day, while having fun.

The committee is in charge with making and keeping Lugera – The People Republic the funniest community to work with and be part of. Citizenship applications available today!

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Bureau of Labour Statistics:

The people here play with facts and figures, giving you in the end interesting and colourful reports where you can see the industry trends.

Supreme Court of Lugera – The People Republic:

Judging without being judgmental! We value total equality and fairness and we make sure all our citizens embrace and promote these values.